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Love from the West Coast

삼차 sam·cha (noun)

1. the third and sometimes final stop in a night out with friends to karaoke or a bar. 2. a group dedicated to connecting queer and trans people of Korean heritage in the Bay Area.

On Saturday, Feb. 24, Three gay and queer-identified folx of Korean descent celebrated their first Sam·cha: A Bay Area Queer & Trans Korean Gathering in Oakland, California. With the heartfelt intention of inviting Korean folx from all over the San Francisco/Bay Area who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans* and queer, the first edition of was filled with roaring laughter, nourishing conversations and a wildly successful game of bingo. Everyone was a winner! Over 15 individuals showed up—some from out of state along with a few allies—and everyone's attendance couldn't have been more welcomed.

Excited by the nation's first Korean Queer Trans* Conference (KQTcon), the organizers—also KQTcon volunteers—decided to donate all proceeds to help make KQTcon a reality this April. To their surprise, everyone at the venue decided to chip in.

We at KQTcon cannot thank our community in the California Bay Area enough for their financial donation and are truly humbled by their gracious gesture. Every bit goes a long way; their enthusiasm and support help impact change on a national scale.

It's not too late to help make the first national KQTcon a success! The volunteer-led conference allocates funds to help lift and empower LGBTQI* Koreans of all ages from all over the nation who plan to attend and participate. Any and all donations are recognized and greatly appreciated. To donate, Click here.

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