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"What's one dream you have for 2021?”

We asked incoming members of the 2021 Steering Committee:

"What's one dream you have for 2021?”

Here are some of their responses:

To find joy in the relationships that I invest in. I hope to delight in the communities I am in & have the honor of contributing to 😊 [and] to host an in-person game night with friends when it's safe bc I miss that 😩

Mi Row (They/Them), Cleveland, OH

It can feel lonely many times when you are one of few people who are organizing communities, so I would love to meet likely minded…people like you all for motivation and camaraderie.

Janghoon 장훈 Yoon (He/Him), Durham, North Carolina

To be a year for meaningful reunions. I know that we have all been deprived of more intimate contact with other humans, whether it’s friends, families, lovers… hope that this year allows us to meet each other again.

Young Sun Han (he/they), NYC / Portland, ME

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