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It's been just one month since we've sent our last newsletter, and we've already learned so much. Calls have been hosted and anchored by SamCha Bay Area, KQT-DC, and KQTxNYC, receiving attendees from all over the map: from Jackson, Wyoming to Melbourne, Australia!

As we continue to adapt to our new normal, KQTx National Network is working hard to create more ways for you to connect, all while improving our practices of inclusion and accessibility along the way. 

Thinking of hosting a call?

Try these 3 Ways to Make KQT Spaces More Inclusive.

Upcoming Events

May is Asian Pacific American Heritage Month! We're looking forward to seeing you at events like: 

  • NQAPIA: Ramadan Iftar, May 8, 22

  • KQTxNYC Art Share: Fermentation as a Labor of Love, May 9

  • NQAPIA: QTAPIA Party of Joy: Sunday Brunch, May 10

  • Sam-Cha Bay Area: Virtual Game Time, May 16

  • KQTxNYC: Small Group Discussion, May 16

  • NQAPIA: Poli Ed 101 Get Ready With Me: On Being Black and API, May 18

  • KQT-DC + NQAPIA: Cooking Class: Korean Food, May 21

  • KQTx: LGBTQ+ Korean History Workshop, May 24

  • NQAPIA: Skill Share: Caregiving for Older LGBTQ APIs, May 27

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We're raising money to sustain and scale our activities, including financially supporting the labor of Facilitators and Interpreters. We believe that building safety and accessibility are critical to making our community spaces inclusive, especially as digital channels become the primary way we connect as KQTs. 

Please consider giving a gift to support the labor of KQTx network volunteers, and please share our GoFundMe with your networks! Make a donation today.


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Stay Connected

To see NQAPIA's original email, click here.

COVID19 has triggered a multitude of impacts on our communities from isolation to economic instability-- sheltering in place has led many of us to return to toxic or abusive home situations. If you are experiencing domestic violence, know that you are not alone and that resources exist. Please look into the following organizations and databases or share with those that may benefit. NQAPIA loves you and we are here for you. 

Directory of Domestic Violence Providers for API Survivors

Regional Resources


Asian Task Force

If you are just looking to connect with an Advocate the best way is though hotline or email.  All calls are triaged based on language to a matched Advocate. Providers and victims reach out to us this way. Staff speak 20+ Asian languages/dialects.  If we don’t have the language on staff, we will go through an interpreter service.  The email is confidential only three managers check and respond to the emails - our direct services clinical and operations manager, and me. 

ATASK 24/7 Hotline:  617-338-2355

ATASK email:

ATASK Website:

Washington DC

Asian/Pacific Islander Domestic Violence Resource Project (DVRP) Since 1996, the Asian/Pacific Islander Domestic Violence Resource Project (DVRP) has provided services to survivors of domestic violence in Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia.  It is an organization that was founded by survivors and continues to be survivor-led and driven. Their mission is to address, prevent and end domestic violence and sexual assault in Asian/Pacific Islander communities while empowering survivors to rebuild their lives after abuse.

Website: Hotline:  202.833.2233

Pacific Northwest

NW Network

The NW Network provides direct services to LGBTQ survivors. They  currently use a system where survivors leave a voicemail, which they return within the hour. 

Hotline: 206-568-7777


API Chaya

API Chaya works with API survivors and have extensive experience and expertise in working with queer and trans API survivors. 


Hotline: 1-877-922-4292



Raksha, meaning protection in several South Asian languages, is a Georgia-based nonprofit organization for the South Asian Community. They run monthly support groups and conduct direct services including legal and general victim advocacy. 

Hotline: 404-876-0670


It’s an incredibly challenging and uncertain time for us all. We're here to remind you that you are not alone!

Members of the Korean Queer Trans community from all over the country are gathering on calls to deepen our relationships and support one another through the ups and downs. We invite you to share what's happening in your experience and to let us know all the ways a national network of KQT peers & allies can support you. 

Not sure where to begin? Here are four simple ways to get connected today: 

  1. Join the national KQT Slack workspace

  2. Plug in to your local KQT organization (or start your own!

  3. Volunteer with KQTx

  4. Spread the word and share this flier!

National Resources

Highlights from Across the Network

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