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Image Description: A colorful photo grid features 12 members of the KQTx Steering Committee Cohort 03

We’re proud to share that KQTx National Network has been steadily building its leadership and capacity-building efforts through a dedicated Steering Committee cohort model. For the last 6-months, the KQTx Steering Committee Cohort 03 has been meeting regularly to make progress on our network goals of enabling even more KQT cultural creation and connection, dreaming big for 2023 and onwards. Looking ahead, we’re excited to share that we’ll be introducing more dynamic programming for KQTs to find spaces to connect and collaborate, and we’ll also be focusing our efforts on streamlining our digital communications, so KQTs and allies know where to find the latest news, announcements, resources, and more.

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Welcome dear readers and KQTx community!

Our volunteer-led Steering Committee (Cohort 02, Term 2020-2021) entered into many challenging and fruitful discussions in the past year to clarify and sharpen the National Network's focus. After many months of internal discussion as well as co-creative conversations with community members from all over the country, we are proud to share some of the foundational elements of the National Network for continued movement building.

We are excited to offer these resources as a foundation as we continue to grow, and we believe that these documents are meant to be living documentation for how we build with each other and grow. We invite you to use, review, ask questions, and help us develop as we continue co-creating an abundant KQTx future!

This FAQ is intended to promote transparency and facilitate shared documentation about KQTx. It provides information about our history, direction, and hopefully inspires more future questions around what we are creating together!

These 10 Guiding Principles of KQTx National Network reflect how we aspire to be in relationship with each other and the wider community. We hope that they are able to provide guidance and inspiration for how we can transform and move the Korean queer trans community so that we are co-grounded in gender and racial justice, transformation, growth, care, and connection.

Since we are often unable to be in each other's physical presence, these agreements provide a light guidance around the following topics: language inclusion, generational inclusion, gender inclusion, welcoming multiple viewpoints, moving up/moving back, the right to pass or leave, confidentiality, and taking care of yourself while we are in virtual spaces together. These agreements are automatically shared with anyone joining the KQTx Slack, and anyone registering for a KQTx Virtual Event.

How were these documents created?

The language and viewpoints expressed in these foundational elements were organized by the KQTx National Network Steering Committee, co-created from numerous conversations with many KQTs and allies over the past few years. We wish to recognize and express gratitude for the learnings and inspirations drawn from the following knowledge sources:

​We are so excited to continue expanding and creating together. Thank you to those who are already in the KQTx community and welcome to those who are entering for the first time through reading this! We can’t wait to grow, expand, and discover all the new ways to be in relationship with each other.

With love and revolutionary care,

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We asked incoming members of the 2021 Steering Committee:

"What's one dream you have for 2021?”

Here are some of their responses:

To find joy in the relationships that I invest in. I hope to delight in the communities I am in & have the honor of contributing to 😊 [and] to host an in-person game night with friends when it's safe bc I miss that 😩

Mi Row (They/Them), Cleveland, OH

It can feel lonely many times when you are one of few people who are organizing communities, so I would love to meet likely minded…people like you all for motivation and camaraderie.

Janghoon 장훈 Yoon (He/Him), Durham, North Carolina

To be a year for meaningful reunions. I know that we have all been deprived of more intimate contact with other humans, whether it’s friends, families, lovers… hope that this year allows us to meet each other again.

Young Sun Han (he/they), NYC / Portland, ME

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