Welcoming KQTx National Network's Inaugural 2020 Steering Committee

On June 17, KQTx’s Steering Committee met for the first time: nine leaders from Atlanta, Chicago, DC, NYC, and Oakland began a six-month term to build the power of the KQTx national network.

This Steering Committee continues the work of the Interim Leadership which began in Oct 2019 and served for six months. 

To learn more about our new leadership and our past leadership, please visit

Resourcing the Movement for Black Lives

Over 26 million people in the United States alone have participated in demonstrations and uprisings since the beginning of June. We are amidst the largest movement in the history of the United States and witnessing the movement for Black lives spark powerful action in many other parts of the world, including South Korea. 

KQTs from all over have been creating and sharing valuable resources to support one another in our movement building and solidarity work:

Do you have more resources you can share? Are you in need of support from other KQTs? Join us on the #kqts-for-black-lives channel on Slack as we continue to support one another.

“To know our roots is to know our power. A People united will not be divided.” - Isabel Kang, Korean Resource Center

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We're looking forward to seeing folx at a number of KQT-led virtual events in July!

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Black Lives Matter. Black Trans Lives Matter. Many members of KQT communities have been participating in actions to support Black lives and to oppose police violence. These range from conversation and education to showing up at protests in our cities. We know that many of us are providing care for others and plugging in where needed. We wish to highlight the many ways KQTs are being allies and accomplices during this challenging time. 

Below are some valuable resources, pulled together by our community of KQTs, to support you in your solidarity work: 

Wherever you are, we hope that you are safe. To join other KQTs in sharing resources, uplifting necessary Black and Korean solidarity work, discussing viewpoints and strategies, please join our Slack and join the channel #kqts-for-black-lives.

Event Recap: Solidarity with Seoul 

Thank you to everyone who tuned in to last Friday’s Solidarity with Seoul: A Night of Queer Joy & Pride hosted by KQTxPROJECT! The turnout was incredible to witness and we hope that it provided you a space of sanctuary and empowerment. Your ticket contributions and tips helped to raise funds to distribute to the outstanding performers and to sustain KQTxPROJECT’s continuation. For more updates, follow KQTxPROJECT

Image Description: Three screenshots of an Instagram Live story showing three performers based in Seoul performing drag. To the right are comments from the live stream conveying excitement and joy.

Rest in Power: Stacey Park Milbern

Image Description: Stacey Park Milbern smiling, wearing red glasses, and in front of a bush of red flowers.

On May 19, 2020, we mourned the loss of Stacey Park Milbern, disability justice activist and member of the KQT community, on her 33rd birthday. Stacey founded theDisability Justice Culture Club for queer, trans,  disabled, people of color to organize, based in Oakland, California. Stacey was a powerful writer, speaker, who organized for change widely; some of her work is documented below. 

“My ancestors are disabled people who lived looking out of institution windows wanting so much more for themselves. It’s because of them that I know that, in reflecting on what is a “good” life, an opportunity to contribute is as important as receiving supports one needs. My ancestors are people torn apart from loves by war and displacement. It’s because of them I know the power of building home with whatever you have, wherever you are, whoever you are with. My ancestors are queers who lived in the American South. It’s because of them I understand the importance of relationships, place and living life big, even if it is dangerous. All of my ancestors know longing. Longing is often our connecting place.”

-Stacey Park Milbern

Updated: May 7

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It's been just one month since we've sent our last newsletter, and we've already learned so much. Calls have been hosted and anchored by SamCha Bay Area, KQT-DC, and KQTxNYC, receiving attendees from all over the map: from Jackson, Wyoming to Melbourne, Australia!

As we continue to adapt to our new normal, KQTx National Network is working hard to create more ways for you to connect, all while improving our practices of inclusion and accessibility along the way. 

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Upcoming Events

May is Asian Pacific American Heritage Month! We're looking forward to seeing you at events like: 

  • NQAPIA: Ramadan Iftar, May 8, 22

  • KQTxNYC Art Share: Fermentation as a Labor of Love, May 9

  • NQAPIA: QTAPIA Party of Joy: Sunday Brunch, May 10

  • Sam-Cha Bay Area: Virtual Game Time, May 16

  • KQTxNYC: Small Group Discussion, May 16

  • NQAPIA: Poli Ed 101 Get Ready With Me: On Being Black and API, May 18

  • KQT-DC + NQAPIA: Cooking Class: Korean Food, May 21

  • KQTx: LGBTQ+ Korean History Workshop, May 24

  • NQAPIA: Skill Share: Caregiving for Older LGBTQ APIs, May 27

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We're raising money to sustain and scale our activities, including financially supporting the labor of Facilitators and Interpreters. We believe that building safety and accessibility are critical to making our community spaces inclusive, especially as digital channels become the primary way we connect as KQTs. 

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