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Sunday Workshops

Writing Our Own Love Letters  

Tori Hong

Location: D1009

Open to: ONLY LGBTQ people of Korean descent


Cultivating a strong, supportive and loving relationship with oneself is instrumental in our healing and growth, especially as queer and/or trans Korean folks. A crucial way to build a healthy relationship with ourselves is through positive self-talk, which can happen through writing love letters to ourselves. In this session, participants will learn how to write love letters to our past, present and future selves through skills, examples and prompts.



The Vulnerable Show

Natasha Harden & Judy Jun

Location: D1102

Open to: Everyone


The Vulnerable Show wants to hold you heart while taking sips of RADICAL SELF LOVE MAGIC. We will explore themes of shame, vulnerability and acceptance with crafty queer button making and affirmations.



Healing Ancestral Trauma – Guided Reflection & Meditation

Noory Lee

Location: D910

Open to: Everyone


Koreans of marginalized identities have been historically stripped from our spirituality, especially targeting those who are queer, trans*, mixed, disabled, and adoptees. We carry on inter-generational traumas through our ancestry due to these compounding factors. This will be a time to honor our inter-connectedness as Korean diaspora and re-connect with(in) ourselves through a non-religious space.



Now What? - Regional Caucus

Location: D1107

Open to: Everyone


Are you interested in meeting with other LGBTQ Koreans near you after KQTcon? Are you inspired to organized with other LGBTQ Koreans and allies in your region? This space is intended for attendees to connect and organize in their local areas! Conference organizers will lightly facilitate this session.

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