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Meet the 2022 KQTx National Network Steering Committee, Network Updates, and More!

Image Description: A colorful photo grid features 12 members of the KQTx Steering Committee Cohort 03

We’re proud to share that KQTx National Network has been steadily building its leadership and capacity-building efforts through a dedicated Steering Committee cohort model. For the last 6-months, the KQTx Steering Committee Cohort 03 has been meeting regularly to make progress on our network goals of enabling even more KQT cultural creation and connection, dreaming big for 2023 and onwards. Looking ahead, we’re excited to share that we’ll be introducing more dynamic programming for KQTs to find spaces to connect and collaborate, and we’ll also be focusing our efforts on streamlining our digital communications, so KQTs and allies know where to find the latest news, announcements, resources, and more.

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