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Activating new leadership in KQT communities

Welcoming KQTx National Network's Inaugural 2020 Steering Committee

On June 17, KQTx’s Steering Committee met for the first time: nine leaders from Atlanta, Chicago, DC, NYC, and Oakland began a six-month term to build the power of the KQTx national network.

This Steering Committee continues the work of the Interim Leadership which began in Oct 2019 and served for six months. 

To learn more about our new leadership and our past leadership, please visit

Resourcing the Movement for Black Lives

Over 26 million people in the United States alone have participated in demonstrations and uprisings since the beginning of June. We are amidst the largest movement in the history of the United States and witnessing the movement for Black lives spark powerful action in many other parts of the world, including South Korea. 

KQTs from all over have been creating and sharing valuable resources to support one another in our movement building and solidarity work:

Do you have more resources you can share? Are you in need of support from other KQTs? Join us on the #kqts-for-black-lives channel on Slack as we continue to support one another.

“To know our roots is to know our power. A People united will not be divided.” - Isabel Kang, Korean Resource Center

Upcoming Events

We're looking forward to seeing folx at a number of KQT-led virtual events in July!

View the Events Calendar Stay Connected

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