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Want to host a workshop? Facilitate a community discussion? Convene a panel of experts?
We can't wait to see your proposal…
Present at KQTCON


The conference will focus on themes of mental health, family acceptance, and faith communities. However, you are invited to submit any session that you think our community would benefit from!


We will look for the following elements in the proposals:

  • how the proposal relates to the conference themes (family acceptance, mental health, faith communities).

  • inclusive identities and experiences of LGBTQ diaspora (Korean adoptees, mixed-race, etc), trans/GNC, disability, youth, elders.

  • community-centered approach (i.e., by us and/or with us).

  • participatory/engaging/interactive/dialogue-based facilitation.

  • creative, intergenerational, healing/therapeutic community spaces through art (in various forms), skills sharing, physical movement, thought-provoking non-academic conversations.

January 7, 2018  12AM PST
We want to see a diverse selection of workshops and speakers from our community, so please submit your proposal today!
We're here for you. Check our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
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